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Silk satin scarf made with organic peace silk and dyed with plants.

There’s nothing more timeless than a plant dyed satin peace silk scarf. Wear it as a usual scarf, as a headband or in a ponytail, around your wrist… wherever you like.

This satin silk is a mid weight, super soft, slightly shiny silk and so beautiful! Made by hand with natural ingredients. No toxic substances used in the process, this scarf was dyed with madder.

1 in stock


Fabric: Mulberry silk from India
Quality: Bio Peace Silk (organic standard)
Weight: Smooth SATIN (70 g/m²)
Color: terra cotta red
Dyed with: Madder
Size: 50x50cm (20×20 inch)

Care: This item is handmade and plant dyed. Please cold hand wash with mild wool soap & hand dry. Care instructions are included with the order.

About peace silk:
Peace silk is a non-violent alternative for people who care about animals. Once the silkworms are grown to cocoon, they are kept safe in a sheltered place till the pupae comes out of the cocoon in the form of a beautiful butterfly. This process may require 2 to 4 weeks. Once butterflies have left their cocoons, the processing is done naturally without using any harmful chemicals.

The making of all my products is low impact and sustainable. Since I only use vintage and organic fabrics as well as natural, plant based ingredients to dye with, there are no harmful chemicals involved in the process. Natural all the way!

Natural dyes have a charm and personality very unlike chemical dyes with a much higher and deeper color vibrance, they are often described as “living colour”. This does mean that some colours may vary or fade slightly over time. Therefore it is important to treat them with love and care, keeping them out of sunlight when not wearing and washing them with cool water and ph neutral soap (such as wool & silk soap).

Shades may vary slightly to photo due to lighting.

Low Waste packaging / no plastic shipping
Shipments to USA usually take about 10 business days.


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